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: DeadZone, H-F, LAkeuz, Connection: Deviant
Person: Panu Savolainen
Place of Birth: Lestijärvi, Finland
Instruments: Synths/kb (since age of 10), guitar, bass, drums
Style: electro, ambient, dnb, chill, ebm
Label: N/A
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History starts from the 1992 with Amiga 500, 8-bit sampler and MIDI-keyboard. There was some success in 4-track MOD competitions but goal was to make tracks for Amiga multimedia-productions.

During 1991 - 1996 I made some DJ gigs and was more interested of aggressive and harder tracks than euro dance. In those times I started to buy keyboards, synths and samplers and to learn, how to make own sounds and soundscapes.

End of the 90's studio was moving from Amiga to PC. There was some analog synths (Roland Juno-106, Jupiter-6, Waldorf Pulse) mixed with digital synths. was successful site and after it was closed I got tracks to In short time, tracks were downloaded over 400 000 times. I started to get mails mostly from USA, since D'n'B scene was becoming popular in the beginning of the millenium. In those days, I was making athmospheric d'n'b and managed top10 in the d'n'b charts and top3 in the atmorpheric d'n'b charts at Those times top names were Pendulum and Roni Size to name few. It was total surprise since I just made that type music because I always wanted to try to make it.

Since today tracks has been used in many video-productions, but now there is different projects for different ambitions. DeadZone, the main project, is now named "Panu M Savolainen" and is waiting for new inspiration. During making album "Silently" in 2007, I finally managed to make few ambient-tracks and got played by his long time (since 90's) favourite radio-program "Space Junk" (Avaruusromua). Later I finally managed to make more ambient-type music with compination of analog and digital synths. Many of them has been played in "Space Junk". Thanks to Jukka Mikkola for support!

During these years, I have learned to play a bit guitar, bass and a bit drums. Combined these with synths, project "Half-Normalized" was born in 2005/2006. There is lot of tracks to be published in the near future.

In 2011 new project called "Connection: Deviant" was born. Now with totally different style: EBM/industrial. Markus Tavasti (from ZombieVomit and Incarnate) is doing great lyrics and vocals. We are always doing new material.

In the early 2017 "LAkeuz" was started. Now with legendary synthesizer-guru Ashen Simian. It's totally virtual project and all the tracks has been sent digitally. Music is combination of ambient, techno, electro etc. I'm really honored to work with Ashen Simian since his main project "Nemesis" has been one of the best electronic band out there. Album is coming out probably in 2018.

Few other projects are under production in 2018 so it's going to be really busy!

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