M-litter S-litter


  • Born Aug 22nd, 2012
  • 1 male + 8 bitches
  • Parents eyechecked clear
  • Thyroids tested on both parents
  • Dams hips B/A, elbows 0/0 and knees 0/0.

Nordic Finnish Swedish Danish Norwegian Champion Stralucire Mr Peppermint "Sulo"
  • Owner: kennel Stralucire
  • BIS-2
  • 4 x CACIB
  • 21.7.14: Eyes clear
  • 21.7.14: TGAA tests negative

Photo: Anu Järvinen
Nordic Finnish Danish Norwegian Champion Stralucire Madame de Pompadour "Milja"
  • Owner: kennel Stralucire
  • BOB, BIS-4 (Sighthoundclub)
  • 2xCAC Finland 1xCAC Denmark 2xCAC Norway

Stralucire Madame Marie Curie "Elsi"
  • Owner: Kati Stensblom, Vantaa
  • BB-placement, r-CAC

Stralucire Madame Tussauds "Berta"
  • Owner: Tanja Koponen, Helsinki

Photo: Anu Järvinen
Stralucire Miss Congeniality "Suvi"
  • Owner: Anu Järvinen, Tanja Hyppönen
  • BIG-2
  • 2xCAC Estonia 2xCAC Lithuania

Finnish Champion Stralucire Miss Moneypenny "Didi"
  • Owner: Katja Seppä
  • BOS
  • BOB-puppy

Photo: Caroline Gustavsson
Stralucire Miss Opportunity "Salme"
  • Owner: Bo Stende, Sweden
  • BOS
  • CAC Sweden, CACIB

Photo: Leena Martin
Stralucire Miss Pinkerton "Kerttu"
  • Owner: Leena Martin
  • BB-placement

Photo: Paula Porseryd
Stralucire Mrs Bucket "Smilla"
  • Owner: AnnKristin Hildingsdotter
  • EXC2

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Se Ch Mr Sandman's Ruby Slippers
Sheralji Viva la Diva C.I.B Parce Que du Menuel Galopin C.I.B El Khyrias Zcoop of the Year
C.I.B Marie France du Menuel Galopin
Sheralji True Angel Punapaulan Salama
Mr Sandman's Suomi Summer