In autumn 1989 a group of enthusiastic children gathered at the Local Dancing Pavilion in Kaustinen. At that time the group was Kaustinen's youth association's youngest group. Dancers were only four years old. Hardly anybody foresaw that from that day will begin folkdance- and musicgroup Multrut's over ten years journey, that still goes on. At the beginning Multrut's directors were Tanja Kuorikoski, Hanna-Maria Ojanen and Arto Anttila. Later Arto Anttila moved to direct the musicians. To dancer's directors become Jarno Tastula and Hanna-Maria Ojanen. In the half of the nineties took Toni Kainu the place of Jarno Tastula. He was the second dancedirector until year 1999. Lately choreographies to the group has made: Sami Paasila, Reetta-Kaisa Pirhonen, Markku Ryynänen, Timo Saari, Jarkko Peltola, Osku Haavisto and Mira Kolanen. The name Multrut comes from Kaustinen's dialect and it means small red foreststrawberries. Even if Multrut has grown from small littledancers to energetic folkdanceryouth the glimpse from the corner of the eye isn't disappeared. Repertoire of Multrut comprises both traditional finnish folk music and -dance and new choreographies. Multrut has travelled much in foreign countries showing the traditional folk dance- and music traditions from Finland and Kaustinen. At the future Multrut directs their huge energy to some new dance-productions but they still tries to preserve their own strong style. Multrut has got many awards during their career. Multrut has also got a specialmention called "The best finnish singing folk dance group in the world"!

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