Norway 1990

The seven-day trip to Norway began on the 3rd of August. Since we had no official concerts, we just took it easy and focused on sightseeing. This time around our group consisted of 42 boys, our conductor Simo, accompanist Arto and six parents.

Our journey began from Veteli first with the bus to Vaasa and from there we continued with a ship across the Gulf of Bothnia to Umeå in Sweden. After a few hours on the ship, our bus headed for Östersund, where we spent the night in small and cozy cottages. The next morning we set the course to Trondheim in Norway. On the way there we made a stop before the border in Åre. There we had chance to glance the spectacular mountain view that opened before our eyes from the top of a downhill skiing center. In Trondheim we had time to take a tour around the city, especially the town cathedral was breathtakingly beautiful. We camped for the night in Sandmoen, where we also held a small performance that evening in a church near by.

The next day we drove through the mountains of Dovre to Dombås. It was a wild ride on those narrow and twisty roads and the landscape was amazing. During the day we made a few stops on small villages. There we had to time to e.g. explore the steep hillsides with their caves and other fascinating characteristics, which were definitely worth all that climbing. After a good nights sleep, it was time to start the bus again and we spent most of the day driving straight to Oslo. There we spent that evening and the next day by catching all the famous tourist attractions of the nation capital. Our tour around the city included e.g. the skiing center of Holmenkollen, Viegeland Park and the Viking museum. Time flies when your having fun and this slogan was a bit too evident since that afternoon our trip had come to a point, where it was time head home.

Our first stop on the homeward bound was Karlstad in Sweden, where we stayed overnight. Next morning we continued from Karlstad to Kapellskär. There we got aboard on ship and the course was set to Naantali. After a night spent by doing everything else than sleeping, there was busload of sleepy boys on the harbor the next morning. Hence, the last leg of the trip just flew by, while the happy travelers were asleep. It was late afternoon, when we were home again in Veteli, many experiences richer.