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C’you — C’me; Looking Both Ways

The Intercultural Week 2007      



EUROPE and our re-adjusted lives as members of the European Union are a daily challenge for the citizens of Lower Austria. Multi-cultural society, intercultural communication and integration are terms, used by many but understood only by a few. The EU project „C’you – C’me: Looking both Ways“ approaches „foreign“ cultures with the means of Forum-Theatre:


The video of all Forum-Theatre-performances – as a result of the project – will be displayed for four days and will open new ways or insights into the behaviour and thinking of people with different cultural backgrounds. Everyone knows, how difficult it sometimes is, to understand our fellow human beings; how even more difficult must it be then, to make sense of people’s behaviour, who think in different ways, made different experiences in life and – on top of all that - speak another language as well!  The partners of„C’you – C’me - Looking both Ways“ have tried to understand and would like to let you – the audience - in on their learnings.


Under the frame of the „Intercultural Week Bruck/Leitha 2007“ the Verein The Business Club „AUSTRIALIA“ and its EU project-partners want to contribute to the mutual understanding between European Cultures. At the same time the public shall be informed about the activities and experiences and results of the Grundtvig 2 Learning Partnership „C’you – C’me: Looking both Ways“.


Additionally the partners organise a versatile cultural programme around the display of the video, which allows visitors insights into the similarities and differences of European Cultures. Bruck/Leitha – traditionally having been a fortified border town of Lower Austria for centuries – seems to be the ideal location for such a rapprochement to the cultures of our neighbouring countries in Europe. Regional culture has been and is exposed to a variety of cultural influences and therefore already contains the potential of a new and re-adjusted contact with so called „foreign“ Cultures.


Citizens and visitors will learn more about their own culture during this “Intercultural Week“ and at the same time will experience the variety of European Cultures e.g. from countries nearby like Hungary, Slovakia, but also Greece, Latvia and Finland. The Idea, to be part of Europe, will be communicated to citizens and visitors via fine arts, theatre, dance, music and theatre sculptures-discussions. Starting from „against each other“ something we have in common will be developed – something bigger and more whole.



To learn more please click here: www.club-austrialia.info/events