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The Austrian partner The Business Club “AUSTRIALIA” is a non-profit organisation, building a network of people from EU member countries and selected export destinations. The Business Club “AUSTRIALIA” aims to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds closer, by using various events in order to establish effective personal relations. Board members of The Business Club “AUSTRIALIA” have lived and worked in various countries and have experienced the benefits and challenges of getting familiar with other cultures and customs. They are very aware, that learning more about other cultures helps the process of generating mutual understanding between people from different cultural backgrounds.

The Business Club “AUSTRIALIA” is also co-ordinating the Grundtvig 1 project “UNEC – Uniting Europe through Cultures – with malice toward none”, developing a Grundtvig 3 course for teachers and trainers dealing with multicultural groups. The course is called “Stars under the Cobblestones: multicultural skills for teachers and trainers” and is available in the Comenius/Grundtvig Course Catalogue. For more information please refer to www.unec.eu.com.

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Austria, Finland, Greece, Latvia and Malta

The Project Partners

Homepage for the Business Club         http://www.club-austrialia.info

The Youth Association was established 1938 and is a non-political, educational and cultural organisation for people in Salonkylä village.

The theatre has been part of the Youth associations activities from the very beginning. The theatre club is part of the local culture network. The club itself has not been in projects, but the contact persons are experienced in project work. They are involved in rural development, tourism and culture projects by their day-to-day job.

In the theatre club we have people with different backgrounds, coming from different conditions, but doing hard work together in a team. The club usually carries out 2-3 drama premieres a year, and a few shorter programs; poems and shows. The director of the club is a trained drama pedagogue, and we wish to get more out of the theatre hobby by new means. The club members are very eager to learn about other cultures in Europe and their way of life.


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The Theatrical Team of Hortiatis Municipality, was created in 1998, which until today has presented rich work and in year 2000, and it was distinguished in Pan-Hellenic Competition with the 2nd Award “Karolos Koun”. The theatrical team of Municipality presented occasionally representations in the Theatrical Festival “Orestias”, and in the cities of Trikalas and Veria, after invitations of homonym Municipalities and today is organised visit in cities of Russia. The Department of Theatre accepts in his educational orders adults and is examined his possibility of enlargement with the creation of children's of theatrical department. For the accommodation of Theatrical Team the Municipality Hortiati shaped as cultural space of spectacle, an old quarry in the Asvestohori, in which each summertime are presented the other Greek stable, music and folklore representations and musical concerts local and Pan-Hellenic forms, and also eponymous artists.


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The Latvian partner is an amateur drama group which is functioning under supervision of the Cultural department of Akniste Town Council. The Cultural department supports folk dancing, traditional crafts and drama. The main aim of the drama group is to unite people who are keen on expressing themselves on the stage thus preserving and developing our national drama traditions. The drama group has become the body and sole of the cultural life in the rural town Akniste. It holds the annual Theater Days in the town, inviting both drama groups from the neighbouring municipalities and some Lithuanian groups just across the boarder. The members of the group have also had some experience of other European cultures and customs by cooperating with the Polish partners from Bialogard, that is a town twinning partner of Akniste. The people are open-minded and ready for new challenges and possibilities to develop new skills.


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The MALTA DRAMA CENTRE is a State Institution, catering for drama training and practice at all levels.  It was established in 1979 and currently forms part of the Ministry for Education, Youth and Employment.  The Centre also runs Community Theatre courses aimed at reaching specific social groups, mainly made up of persons at risks or on the margin.


The Centre has been involved in several overseas projects, including training programmes under the Grundtvig scheme. It has also been involved in overseas drama festivals for young people as part of its extended learning programme.

For the current year (2004/5) the Malta Drama Centre has 300 students, covering all ranges and levels, from 10 years to adults over 40.


The tutoring staff is made up of local and foreign drama pedagogues and the Centre is run under the directorship of Mr Mario Azzopardi.


Mr M. Azzopardi is a professionally trained animator and holds a Masters degree in the Philosophy of Theatre in relation to socio-political aspects.  He has been connected with drama training and practice for many years and conducted many projects overseas, always in an European context.


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Homepage for the Youth Association   (only in Finnish)