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The co-ordinator for the project
is The Business Club ”Austrialia”.

The Grundtvig 2 Project

Co-ordinator:        THE BUSINESS CLUB “AUSTRIALIA”, Austria


Partners:              SALONKYLÄN NUORISOSEURA RY, Finland


Project duration          1 August 2005 – 31 July 2007


Content:         Within the Grundtvig 2 project C’you – C’me each partner researches one of the other partner countries and its culture in depths. Based on the material found, each partner then develops a Forum Theatre play – where the audience plays an essential part, being spect-actors rather then spectators, which is put on stage in the hosting country in 2007 e.g. Malta researches Latvian culture, Latvia researches Greek culture, Greece researches Finish culture and the Fins research Austrian culture, while Austria researches Maltese culture.


                     With the means of Forum Theatre partners and their learners develop a thorough understanding of one „Foreign-European“ Culture (C2) and at the same time the partner will mirror back their own Culture (C1) and cultural determined behaviour. The result is an increased awareness and tolerance for cultural differences and similarities of human behaviour – across all cultural boundaries.


                     The staging of the theatre plays – for local audience of the partner country - is taped on video and arranged in a common video of all partners’ plays. In June 2007 this video is presented to the public as a core element of the „Intercultural Week Bruck/Leitha“ - near Vienna. Locals and International guests perform Forum Theatre, Music, Dance, Art & Handicrafts and meet in an celebration of European Cultures. Other activities – like the school project “Europe - Coffee House” and the „European Encounter“ are conducted parallel to the “Intercultural Week” and assist the process of appreciation of European Cultures